Winning Awards is Fun

What more could a filmmaker want them to have recognition for the work you do? Well, possibly a million dollars, some new lenses and a RED camera, but that’s beside the point. This week, I got the chance to live a little moment of glory, and I am forever grateful. My short film “Dreaming in Colour” was not only showcased at this year’s 43rd Annual World Film Festival in Montreal, but it won the award for Best Experimental Film in the Student Film Festival. Words cannot express my excitement when I got this news! And having the chance to attend the press conference with the judges and other students was wonderful. Meeting so many great filmmakers in the making certainly re-lit my passion for film. That script that’s been sitting on desktop for years might just get a second chance. Seems I now have the confidence to pull it off! So thank you to everyone who inspired this film, and hopefully this is only the beginning of my filmmaking career.

You can watch “Dreaming in Colour” right here.

The West Coast in Black & White

Vacations; everyone loves a good vacation. I just returned from a week visit to Canada’s west coast, starting with a culinary adventure around Vancouver, and followed by the enjoyment of Victoria’s epic views. For this trip, I decided to kick it old-school: I brought along with me my 35mm Minolta camera and a couple rolls of black & white film. The nice thing about film is the limited shots you get (24 to 36 in each roll). It really makes you think about things you want to take a picture of, versus the things you just want to remember. Instead of having your camera permanently glued to your face the whole time, you usually only take one shot to capture the experience, and you get to live the rest. Now the fun (and unnerving) part is waiting for the prints. Let’s hope they come out! I love flipping through the prints, remembering little details I had forgotten. I’ll share those with you once I get them back, but for the meantime, here’s some black & white inspiration.

photos courtesy centrifugaStuck in Customs

– Gabriela