Joining Third Son Laserworks!


I am happy to announce that I have joined my friend Jesse Kaunisviita in his new business, Third Son. Third Son specializes in handmade lasercut products for you and your home. Jesse and I met while we both worked at MediaStyle, a digital public affairs company here in Ottawa, Ontario. When I decided to take the leap to leave the team at MediaStyle so I could focus on my filmmaking, I turned to Jesse for advice, as I knew he had made a similar jump a few months before me. I admired his dedication to his passion and was thrilled by his supportive attitude. During our chat, we realized that I would be a good fit for Third Son. I wanted to focus most of my time on filmmaking, but didn’t want to lose the skills I had acquired during my time at MediaStyle. I now have the opportunity to practice my communications and marketing skills with Third Son, while still having the time to pursue filmmaking.

My role within Third Son is to manage and produce our online content, from video production to social media. The small nature of our team also means that I get to be involved in many aspects of the business, from brainstorming designs, to attending craft shows and even lending my seamstress skills to textile productions.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with Jesse and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Third Son! As my first project with Jesse, I produced a video about his vision behind his business, and the process that goes into the production of his merchandise. Enjoy!

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Go West, Young Women


Last month, my good friend Melissa and I went on a cross-country adventure. She was moving to BC, I wanted to accompany her, and we both really like the movie Thelma and Louise. So we set off, leaving from Ottawa and arriving in Vancouver 2 weeks later. We were equipped with a tent, 3 iPods full of music and podcasts, a huge thermos for coffee and high spirits. I brought my trusty camera along on the trip, not really knowing what I intended to do with the footage. Once I came back and went through the weeks of footage I had, I discovered a story. A story of a friendship growing and changing with the landscape. It’s hard to explain what makes a great friendship, and I’m lucky enough to have more than one. Through the crazy amazing adventure we had, I have come to realize how much this person means to me. So this short film is dedicated to you, Melissa, my road warrior partner in crime.


And here are some photos I managed to snap while I wasn’t filming!

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